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Before social media, word of mouth stands the test of time in advertising.  As much as social media has increased awareness in many businesses, the true mark of success comes outside what the business says about itself….it’s what the clients say about the business.

Stand on a chair, beat on your chest, tweet, IG, update all day long about how great your “brand” is….

But the most valuable and meaningful endorsements come unsolicited and usually unseen on social media.  For me, it’s that ‘Thank You’ from a hard to fit client or that ‘Aha!’ moment from a student learning a new skill, even  engaging a customer with a smile and friendly conversation who says, ‘I’m glad I stopped in, I will be back’…

These are what keeps a business moving forward with even the occasional unsatisfied customer being considered an opportunity for growth.

There are tons of successful professionals, in several areas who haven’t even touched social media….their hard work and return clientele attributing to their longevity.

No tweets needed.

Likes and follows are great, but they ain’t paying my bills.

Aren’t you glad? I am.