Supporting Black Owned Business IS your Business.

No matter your perspective, we can all agree — these are truly unprecedented times that we have never seen and (hopefully) will ever experience again. The current events seemed like a series of never-ending blows to everyone. All industries and services were affected. The COVID-19 pandemic stopped small businesses in their tracks.  As the nation slowly … Continue reading Supporting Black Owned Business IS your Business.

The Workbook:Grooms & Blooms

The Workbook: Grooms in Bloom Client: William Harper – Barber & Owner, Designer Cuts & Styles The Assignment:  Custom blazer for his August 2019 wedding.    Seems harmless, right?  Then the consultation happened. William wanted a print to incorporate the color palette of the big day.  Navy blue, blush and plum.  I knew finding all those … Continue reading The Workbook:Grooms & Blooms


‘No’ is a powerful word when it comes to setting boundaries, self care and reaching your full potential.   It’s not selfish to tell people ‘No’.   Sometimes, if they can’t reciprocate what they are asking in kind, it is selfish for them to ask. #mindfulmonday #druchristine #fashion #entrepreneur  Continue reading #motivationmonday